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     This is the cleaning service that handled the upholstery cleaning I had done on my antique sofa. They did an excellent job and took all precautions to ensure it was in no way damaged. I was very impressed. Hands down, the best cleaning service.
Audra Michaels21/05/2020
     The best rates! The team was great and very efficient. They carefully moved my furniture around the house to enable thorough cleaning, taking a lot of precaution. Good job!
      Monken Hadley Carpet Cleaner sent a team of cleaners to do my windows for me and the result was gleaming, streak-free glasses and shiny, dust-free frames. Great service that I'd happily recommend!
Harold L.31/05/2016
     I am a single mother of 2 children and I find it very hard to keep up with all the cleaning in the house. I don't really have the time to fit in all the vacuuming and dusting. I was at my wit's end when I told my sister and she told me about Monken Hadley Carpet Cleaning. In the beginning, I was a little hesitant however after the first clean, I was impressed! Thank you for making it easier.
     I had an emergency come up for which I had to book a cleaning service on very short notice and I was so glad that MonkenHadleyCarpetCleaners could fit me in on the same day. The cleaners arrived right on time and didn't take long to finish a thorough clean. They were a team of three and each of them worked diligently over the house. They were very organized and managed everything very efficiently. Definitely worth a try! I would highly recommend.
Sophie H.18/02/2015
     The worst thing about having nice carpets is getting them stained. This happened to me recently but MonkenHadleyCarpetCleaners were able to get rid of the stains completely and in less than an hour! A friend suggested I try these cleaners and for a very reasonable fee they got rid of the stains in the carpet and if anything made it even better than it was before. They used some kind of deep cleaning machine and some solvents which were very good for getting all traces of the stains out. It was quite impressive and all I had to do was call them and let them in.
Martin T.05/11/2014

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